Emmo DX Ebike Electric Motorcycle Style

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It is a sleek machine. With Dual removable lithium batteries, the DX offers a range of up to 120km per charge. A lighter weight makes handling much easier. The Bluetooth programmable controller offers great flexibility for customization, to better gear the bike for different purposes and preferences. It is a bike that is built for max convenience and performance. 

  • Speed

    Unrestricted speed can be 70km/h top speed

  • Motor
    500W Continuously QS Motor
  • Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock

  • 120 kg

  • 25 Degrees

  • Hydraulic Disk Brake

  • 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire

  • Front Gastank Storage

  • 3 - 10 Hours

  • LCD Back-lighted Speedometer

  • LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light, and Brake Light

  • 280 kg / 600 lbs

  • 45-55 km (72V20Ah GEL SLA);

  • 55-65 km (72V32Ah GEL SLA);

  • 60-70 km (72V30Ah Lithium);

  • 120 km (72V60Ah Dual Lithium)*‍

  • Hydraulic Disk Brake

  • 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire

  • Yes