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Evoque Streetster R Ebike Electric Motorcycle Style

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We've brought on a NEW Brand!  Evoque

We love the fit and finish.  We especially love the Removeable Batteries!  

The Evoque Streetster electric bike isn’t messing around; it’s designed with your every need in mind. Nothing you crave is lacking, from the powerful electric motor to the cool LED headlight design. Equipped with a removable battery for convenient charging and a touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay integration, the Streetster ensures you're ready for any adventure that comes your way.

High-Capacity Battery for Commuting

The 72v or 84v ultra-large capacity ternary lithium battery is perfectly tucked away for secure performance. Not only will it give you access to 500 watts of power, but it’s meant to last for up to 130 kilometers.

Fast-Charging Capacity/Removable Battery

With the 10 Amp high-power charger, you only need five hours before the bike is ready to go. Because the lithium battery can be removed within seconds, you can also charge anywhere and get back on the road.

Handy Storage Compartment

The Streetster contains a storage compartment in the tank area, big enough to store belongings and a helmet when it’s not being used.


Maximum Stopping Power

The Streetster may be known for its power, but it also stops in seconds. The high-tech hydraulic double-disc front and rear brake system gives a responsive feel, while the adjustable brake lever puts you in control.

Shock Absorption for the Ride Ahead

Bumps never ruin the ride with the 33-core hydraulic damping front and central rear shock. Every ride is entirely controlled and smooth for maximum enjoyment.

Willing to Go Where You Go

The Streetster won’t let you down with its durable 17” wheels and the traction needed to navigate today’s streets. Covered with anti-skid and wear-resistant vacuum tires, you can count on the longer tread life.

Innovative Digital Touch-Screen for Connectivity

The brand-new digital screen allows for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to your compatible phone. Use Google Maps to navigate a new area with ease.

Guaranteed for Satisfaction

It’s challenging to find a reputable supplier when looking for an e-bike. As a proud Canadian company, you won’t be disappointed with Evoque. Our bikes undergo rigorous testing by experts, ensuring you get what you’ve paid for. If you have any issues, our helpful representatives are standing by to help. We’ve got your back!


Battery Range
72V/45Ah SLA (60km Range)
72V/30Ah Lithium (70-75km Range)
72V/50Ah Lithium (90-100km Range)
72V/60Ah Lithium (110-120km Range)
84V/30Ah Lithium(80-85km Range)
84v/50Ah Lithium (90-110km Range)
84v/60Ah lithium (110-130km Range)
Charging time
4-8 Hrs Depending on battery size
Security System
Has a Remote Alarm System; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
Load Capacity
280 kg / 600 lbs
Front Brake
Hydraulic Dual Disc Brake
Rear Brake
Hydraulic Single Disc Brake
Net Weight
200 LBS