Segway F2 Kickscooter

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Enhanced Motor Performance

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The Segway F2 Electric Scooter boasts an enhanced motor with a 700W maximum output. Zip through the city at speeds up to 18 mph and conquer slopes of up to 18%, all with ease and confidence.


Built-In Turning Signal Indicators

Product Detail 1The F2 KickScooter ensures your safety with its built-in front and rear turning indicators. Stay visible and decrease the risk while making turns, both during the day and at night.

Smooth Rides on Tough Terrains

Product Detail 1The upgraded 10-inch self-sealing tires offer smooth riding on bumpy roads and rough terrain. The inner gel layer provides support in case of puncture, making your journey hassle-free.

Weather Resistant Rides

Product Detail 1The IPX5 weather-resistant design accommodates a broader range of uses, letting you ride safely no matter the weather.

Comfort-Enhanced Design

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The F2 Scooter's thoughtful design includes wider handlebars for improved stability. This ergonomic enhancement also creates extra space for accessories, adding convenience to your rides.


Smart BMS, Smart Riding

Product Detail 1Equipped with Segway Ninebot's cutting-edge Battery Management System, the Segway F2 KickScooter ensures both the longevity of its battery and your safety, thanks to its comprehensive protection mechanism.



36V / 10.2Ah (F2); 36V / 12.8Ah (F2 Pro)

Travel Range
40km (F2); 55km (F2 Pro)

Nominal 350 W, Maximum 700 W (F2)
Nominal 450 W, Maximum 900 W (F2)
Maximum Speed
30 km/h (F2); 32km/h (F2 Pro)
Net Weight
17.2 kg / 37.9 lbs (F2)
18.5 kg / 40.8 lbs (F2 Pro)
Climbing Angle
18% (F2); 22% (F2 Pro)
Front Disc Brake + Rear E-ABS
Rear Tire
10" Self-Healing Tubeless Tire
Frame Material
Dimension (F2: L x W x H)
114 x 57 x 121 cm / 45 x 22.5 x 48 inch
Dimension (F2 Pro: L x W x H)
116 x 57 x 125 cm / 45 x 22.5 x 49 inch
Charging time
3 - 10 Hours
LCD Display with Bluetooth Connectivity
Lights and Signals
LED Headlight, LED Tail Light, LED Turning Signals
Load Capacity
120 kg / 265 lbs
N/A (F2); Front Spring Suspension (F2 Pro)
Front Tire
10" Self-Healing Tubeless Tire

Front and Rear Fenders (included)

Riding Modes
3 Modes (Eco, Standard, Sport)

Dimension Folded (F2: L x W x H)
114 x 57 x 48 cm / 45 x 22.5 x 19 inch

Dimension Folded (F2 Pro: L x W x H)
116 x 57 x 53 cm / 45 x 22.5 x 21 inch