Enjoy the Fall colors with your E-Bike

Enjoy the Fall colors with your E-Bike

There are many things to love about autumn: cooling temperatures, Canada’s fall foliage, and carving pumpkins; just to name a few. While taking your e-bike out in crisp autumn weather may not be the first thing that comes to mind, and your friends may be putting their traditional bikes away until spring, there are still lots of reasons that you should add that to your fall to-do-list too, especially when you have an Emmo electric bike. You'll never have to worry about what you might be missing on the road. 

With an electric bike, you get to travel further to see more fall colours. Thanks to its impressive storage and weight capacity, you bring home more apples from the orchard without weighing down your ride. The All Terrain fat tires available on some models add to the stability and the built-in lights are always ready for when those shorter days with stunning sunsets. 

Here are a few helpful tips to make your fall rides even better.


Misty October mornings are beautiful. They’re perfect for waking up a little early and spending some “me time” holding a mug with two hands. (Just like the coffee commercials.)

Reduced visibility in hazy mornings and or at early dusks also means that proper lighting is critical. Being able to see on your ride is as important as being seen on your ride, especially by cars.

Therefore, make sure you check your headlight, taillight, and any signal lights before every ride, make sure they are clean, functional, visible, and secure, and use them properly. Plus, take extra precautions by wearing bright, reflective clothing, and making sure you have reflectors (or reflective stickers) on both sides of your e-bike.



It is a good practice to clean and lubricate the chain on a regular basis. You might want to increase the frequency in fall as the chain has a tendency to dry out much faster than in the summer, so make sure you keep it well-lubricated. Emmo e-bikes don’t require any specific lubricant. You can use a standard bicycle chain oil, but if you’re in a particularly wet environment, don’t be afraid to go for the heavier stuff. 

There are plenty of tools out there to help you maintain your chain, but if you’re new to e-bikes and want to make sure you’re doing it right, we recommend contacting your local Emmo technician and make an appointment.

If you decide to go it alone, you can check the manuals on our website(there are some useful how-to tips)  - clean the chain with a wet rag before applying the lubricant, and remember to use the rag to soak up any excess after the application. That is, make sure you are applying the proper amount of lubricant.



Colourful foliage is fascinating on grey days, but not when it’s caught in your spokes. Emmo offers different rim styles for all your year-long riding needs with no extra upkeep from traditional city tires to fat tires and solid rims.

Riding through leaves and mud puddles can make a mess of your e-bike, especially if any of it splashes up into your wheels. Take care of yourself and your e-bike by installing front and rear fenders before the rainy season picks up. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on the tire pressure. As the temperature drops outside, so does your PSI, especially if your e-bike's stored on cold concrete, affecting the performance of your e-bike.



Fall fashion is all about bundling and layers in Canada. You get to wear cozy scarves, slip on some boots, and finally rock that flannel in the back of your closet from that sale last season. The idea is to: stay dry, stay warm, and stay comfortable when it comes to fall biking. A pair of over-the-handlebar gloves to keep your fingers from freezing during early morning rides could be a lifesaver. Or a switch over to full-face helmets to keep your cheek and ears warm.



If you're stocking up on Halloween candy or other supplies for the coming holiday season, something as small as a front rack or basket can make a big difference.  

Even the sleek Emmo Vgo electric bike can be the perfect tool for all your important autumn errands when you take advantage of our full lineup of accessories -- including the front basket, fenders, a rear rack, kickstand, and universal saddlebags. 

Plus, when the weather starts to warm up again, you'll have everything you need to ride into spring with no problems.