Meet the Team

We are growing! This is the team that works hard each day to provide the best possible service we can.

Jolene, Owner

I love my Business, I love my Staff, and I LOVE helping People choose the right Ebike from them.

Jolene, Owner

Darren, Technician

I'd be lost without this guy.  Super skilled, presice, meticulous and quick.

Mike Ryder

He is the Unicorn of Ebikes. With over 15 years of experience working with Daymak and Tao, He is an absolute asset to have. And we couldn't be happier that he joined the team!!

Jack, Marketing Manager

Jack is Amazing! He keeps the Youtube flowing, and takes great care of our Customers.

Ivan, Deliveries

He is the absolute best. So grateful for him.

Chad, Digital Growth Manger

Oversees and implements strategies to increase digital engagement conversions for growth.

Alex, Partner

Dieneen, Book keeping

Partner in crime since 2009