Ecolo Flex Plus Electric Mobility Scooter

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Introducing the ET-4 Flex Plus, where performance seamlessly meets everyday practicality. Driven by a 1000W High Torque Motor, it confidently navigates inclines up to 25 degrees. The ergonomic swivel seat not only simplifies boarding and alighting but also ensures maximum riding comfort.

Fueled by a 60V20Ah SLA battery, it boasts a consistent travel range of up to 50km. The lockable rear box and under-seat compartment provide peace of mind for securing personal items. Enhanced nighttime visibility comes courtesy of the LED headlight, while the digital LED speedometer offers real-time speed monitoring. The motor lock ensures added security.

Enrich your journeys with the integrated MP3 Player. The ET-4 Flex Plus is designed with your comfort in mind.


  • Long Travel Distance: 60V20Ah Sealed Gel Lead-Acid battery allows a travel distance of up to 50 km on one charge.

  • Huge Storage Space: Lockable rear box + under-seat storage.

  • Ergonomic Swivel Seat: Engineered for ease and comfort. The swivel design facilitates effortless mounting and alighting, while its ergonomic structure ensures a comfortable ride.

  • Assured Safety: Equipped with 4-wheel drum brakes, ensuring every journey is taken with utmost security and confidence.

  • Stable Ride: Equipped with both front and rear suspension, every ride is smooth even on rough terrains.

  • Forward/Reverse Button: Added convenience for daily driving.

  • MP3 Player: Add more fun to your daily cruise.

  • 60V20Ah SLA

  • 1000W High Torque Motor

  • 25 Degrees

  • Motor Lock

  • Headlight (LED), Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light

  • 96 kg / 212 lbs

  • 10" x 3"

  • Lockable Rear Box + Under-Seat Storage

  • No

  • up to 50 km *

  • 6 - 8 Hours

  • Maximum Speed 25km/h **

  • Digital LED Speedometer

  • MP3 Player

  • 150 kg / 330 lbs

  • 10" x 3"

  • 4-wheel drum brakes

  • 158 cm (Length) x 73 cm (Width) x 108 cm (Height) /
    62 inch (Length) x 29 inch (Width) x 43 inch (Height)