Emmo Zone / Zone GTS Ebike Electric Motorcycle Style $300 OFF

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This Bike is HOT. Ride in absolute style. Think of the Kawasaki Ninja, that's this bike.
Bluetooth Exhaust, standard at no additional cost!!!
Assembly is extra

500W Brushless QS Super Torque Motor

Industry-leading technologies provide maximum torque performance and fantastic riding experience as a real bike.

16 inch - hub motor | 500W - continuously


Full Size
Motorcycle Frame
QS Super Torque Motor


72V Lithium-ion Battery

Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality lithium-ion battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System helps to protect the battery from overcharging and over-discharging. With multiple options available, you can choose the battery configuration that suits you best.

1000 - rated recharging cycles | up to 180 km - travel range

*Sealed Gel Lead-Acid battery option is also available.


High Capacity Battery
Up to 180 km
per Charge


Hydraulic Disk Brake Systems

As the most reliable stopping technology on the market, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems help you to stop when you need to. Combined with the motor cutoff switches, they provide ample stopping power even under the harshest conditions.

dual disc - front hydraulic brake |  6000 km - rated brake pads lifetime


Dual Disk
Hydraulic Brake
600 lbs
Load Capacity




72V/20Ah SLA;
72V/45Ah SLA;
72V/30 Li;
72V/50 Li;
72V/60 Li;
72V/80 Li;
72V/100 Li;
Charging time
3 - 10 Hours
500W Continuously QS Motor
LCD Back-Lighted Speedometer
Security System
Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
Lighting System
LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
Net Weight
120 kg
Load Capacity
280 kg / 600 lbs
Climbing Angle
28 Degrees
45-55 km (72V20Ah SLA);
70-80 km (72V45Ah SLA);
60-80 km (72V30Ah Li);
90 km (72V50Ah Li);
120 km (72V60Ah Li);
150 km (72V80Ah Li);
180 km (72V100Ah Li)*‍
Rear Brake
Hydraulic Single Disk Brake
Front Brake
Hydraulic Dual Disk Brake
Rear Tire
120/80-16 Tubeless Tire
Front Tire
110/70-17 Tubeless Tire
Optional Saddle Boxes Available
Passenger Seat
206 cm (Length)x 69 cm (Width) x 111 cm (Height) /
81 inch (Length) x 27 inch (Width) x 44 inch (Height)