Lock - Heavy Duty Cable Lock, Alarm, 200cm / 79in

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Keyed alarm cable lock, 2m (200cm / 79in) long. This high security alarm lock includes two keys and six replacement batteries.

Product Details:

  • Dual function, 2-stage lock. Can be used with or without alarm mode.
  • To activate the alarm, turn the key to the second stage and you will hear an alarm sound. It is now active. After 15 seconds the audible alarm will be engaged and any movement or vibration will trigger the alarm. Each alarm lasts for 10 seconds.
  • When your battery is low the alarm sound will be different, constant, or will cut off mid-sequence.
  • To replace the batteries, open the lock with the key, remove the two screws, remove the rubber washer, remove the old batteries and replace with new batteries paying attention to the battery +/- orientation.
  • In order to easily replace batteries in the future, keep these instructions.